September Plant Tour

Coconut Charcoal Briquette

Gilang Dhaskabima



We decided on coconut products and its derivative, but it still a lot of products to came up with. Therefore we focused on 3 main products, that is coconut charcoal briquette, coconut peat and coconut fiber. Our market is worldwide market. To ensure wholesale business of coconut charcoal briquette, coconut peat and coconut fiber, we have to guarantee end-to-end process of its manufacturing have excellent process and quality.

All of our product is origin from Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago nation surrounded by coast and have a lot of coconut trees, so it is expected to have excellent quality of our products. First, we focused on coconut charcoal briquette on September. Therefore we decided to do some plant tour to coconut charcoal briquette manufacturing. We visited 2 plant in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

What is coconut charcoal briquette ?
Coconut Charcoal Briquette is a compacted block charcoal which made of shredded mature coconut shells. Denser compared to firewood and traditional charcoal.

How coconut charcoal briquette is made ?
The process of producing the coconut shell charcoal begins with the carbonization by burning the coconut shell with controlled air that is sufficient for carbonization. The output of charcoal in the traditional pith method is just below 30% yield. After the carbonization, the shell is crushed to bits and become coconut carbon powder, then it is mixed with other ingredients. Let it rest for 1-2 days and then it is poured into molding to make the desired shape of briquette. Lastly it is burn in the oven to vaporized remaining water in the charcoal. To obtain good quality charcoal, fully dried, clean, only mature shells are used.

What is the benefit of coconut charcoal briquette ?
Briquette comes in several shapes (hexagonal, cubes, finger, etc). Mostly used in industries, barbecue, stove fuel, metallurgy, shisha, hookah, etc.