About Us

Mticoco, a renowned supplier of coconut charcoal briquettes based in Indonesia and managed by PT. Mitra Trada Internasional, values the multiple benefits of coconuts. We are dedicated to collaborating with coconut farmers and stakeholders to ensure sustainable coconut plantation management. Together, we have made a strong commitment to deliver top-notch coconut products of exceptional quality. Whether you are located locally or anywhere around the world, we are determined to provide you with the finest natural products that nature has to offer.

About The Company

PT. Mitra Trada Internasional was established in 2021 to be able to cultivate Indonesia's commodities from end-to-end process to meet the customer's satisfaction. Our businesses focus on wholesale trade of commodities such as agricultural and farm products.

Our vision is to become the leading company that produces high quality commodity products and boost the economy of Indonesia.

Our mission :

1. Build personal yet professional relationships with the farmers and its community based on integrity, commitment, and trust.
2. Maintain high quality commodity products to meet international standards in the global trade markets.
3. Commit to create endless innovation and enrichment of the commodity products and its derivatives.

Our Values


“we establish Integrity as one of the driving forces of our company and the foundation of our business. Integrity is our core values and it cannot be compromised in any way.”

Excellent Service

“excellent service is our way to interact with stakeholders and as a value that we live by in doing business. We always aim to exceed the customer expectations at all times by delivering our excellent service in your every need.”


“we always foster transparency, honesty, and responsibility to customers. We maintain those values and exhibit to customers that we are trustworthy and reliable to solve  and meet customer needs.”


“quality is the result of our products. We have made quality as our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.”

Who We Are